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Coveted Swag for the Corporate Retreat

Ron Hesmer

Coveted Swag for the Corporate Retreat

Done right, corporate retreats can bridge the gap between administrative heirarchy and the people actually getting the work done. Done wrong, they can foster a palpable resentment between bosses and the bossed. Either way, the onus lies with the higher-ups to provide a positive experience for the entire team. Considering the fact that almost no one wants to spend free time in the same zip code of their supervisor, the pressure is on for employers to go the extra mile in making the corporate retreat a pleasant experience. This may be as simple as upscale lodging or as elaborate as a group safari, but either way there’d better be some decent swag in the bag. And no, we’re not talking about the obligatory pens, thumbdrives, stickers, koozies, ballcaps, etc. Remember, the roles are reversed on a corporate retreat and it is the minions who are scrutinizing the executives. It’s here that the staff gets a clear picture of how much (or little) they are appreciated.

In 2019 Donald Trump welcomed the NCAA National Champions (Clemson University) to a White House luncheon where he infamously served McDonald’s burgers and Domino’s pizza. It stands alone as a cringe-worthy act of degradation, but it also misses the point of honoring a group for its accomplishment. Not saying you can’t serve Dom Perignon in a red Solo cup —just saying it’s not going to achieve the desired result. Whether your corporation is “Top Shelf” or bottom rung, it’s imperative that your swag hits the mark with its recipients. That said, if your entire department is going on a cruise, then don’t sweat the swag. But if your “morale building, coworker bonding” exercise amounts to eating unlimited doughnuts from the breakfast buffet at a downtown hotel, you should probably dig a little deeper into the swag bin.

Here are 5 options for you to consider:



The Lifestraw Water Bottle with built-in purification. Yes, it’s a water bottle, but it’s got some pretty significant health benefits.


These customizable coolers are impressive in both style and utility, and they come in two sizes.



Once you’ve polished off the contents of your cooler, these treats will be a welcomed addition.


When you really want to retreat, these noise cancelling earbuds are your ticket to zen.


Regardless of price, when gifts are personalized they tend to be appreciated. Personalization means someone took the time to single out (recognize) individuals rather than offering group tokens. KORKZ custom sunglass straps take that notion a step further and allow the individual to customize their retainer by engraving their favorite team, nickname, logo, catch phrase or pet’s name. It’s not an expensive addition to your swag bag, but It’s unique enough to dodge the hotel waste basket on your way out.