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Granola Wedding Gifts

Ron Hesmer

So your good pal Daniel Boone has found his earthy soulmate and he wants

you to be a part of the celebration. Hikers, bikers and heirs . . . oh my!

Whether the lucky couple is adept at hugging trees and eating porridge with a

spork, or they’re just WAY more into peddling, paddling and panting than most

humans have a right to be, you’re gonna need to come up with a suitable

wedding gift.


If you’re besties, don’t sweat it; your bond is the gift.

• If you’re compelled to make it all about yourself, splurge on something

utterly useless like an engraved ice-bucket (YETI $155).

• If you’re on the periphery of the friend zone, just throw a dart at the REI

catalog and have ‘em wrap it in recycled tree bark. (No one could care

less ...other than yourself. )

• If you’re part of the entourage, try one of these:

Personalized camp mat by Trending Custom ($50)

Personalized National Park Sign by 360 Promotions ($200)

Bobbleheads ($150)


The Bumper Dumper ($100)


While the tenet of giving to the blissful couple lives on, the inverse (i.e.,

Bridesmaid/Groomsman gifts) is a fraying tradition. Nonetheless, there are lots

of outdoor specific items that will fit the bill. Remember, personalization is the

key to gift giving, and while plenty of merchants will oblige (for a hefty fee),

there’s really no better resource for personalized goods than Etsy.


SUP Cup (< $25)


KORKZ Custom Eyewear Retainer ($25)


Monogrammed tumblers (<$20)

C&T Custom Lures ($30)